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The former shepherds hut lies in the alpine meadows of the Romanian Carpathians. We have prepared it for holiday-makers. Now, the cottage provides only modest comfort, but lots of fresh mountain air for tired lungs. A spring originates a stone’s throw away, the trees hang heavy with cherries, and cheese or milk you can get from the shepherd next door.
A perfect log cabin holiday for lovers of unspoiled nature on the edge of civilization. And a good choice for those who want to enrich their experience with a pinch of Transylvanian serenity.


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The mountain cabin is located 7 km above the village of Fantanele, 9 km away from the small town of Orlat, and 25 km from Sibiu. It is not accessible by car, so we will accompany you on your way there and back. In our off-road SUV it takes an hour, and with the horse-drawn cart about three hours. In both cases it’s an adventure worth remembering.
We will pick you up for no charge from Sibiu airport or station. If you arrive by car you can park comfortably on our enclosed plot in the village of Vale. We reload your luggage, and off we go. Once at the cabin, Nicu (our mountain specialist) will prepare a traditional shepherds stew in the kettle over an open fire.
Groceries can be bought in the shops or at the market of the small town Saliste. In case you’re running low on supplies, you can hike along the stream below the hut to the nearest store in Orlat, open daily until 9pm.

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The log home consists of a terrace, a kitchen, and a bedroom with a large pedestal bed that comfortably accommodates four people. Facilities include pots and pans, plenty of blankets, hand and dish towels, candles, a gas bottle with cooker, barbeque and a tripod, washing bowl and bucket, water cans, wood and an ax, toilet paper, dish soap and a sponge, soap, matches, salt and sugar. Cooking is done either with the gas burner, on the stove in the kitchen, or on the fire pit in front of the hut.
• Trade in sockets for kerosene lamps.
• Trade in the fridge for a cool basement.
• Trade in the WC for an outhouse.
• Trade in the shower for washing with spring water.

The mobile reception at the hut itself is bad, but a little further up the hill you will find several networks.

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The mountain cabin is registered on Google Maps (search for "Carpathian log cabin Romania"), and from us you will receive the best current hiking map of the Cindrel Mountains. In any case, you will not get lost up there beause you're not alone in the Carpathians. Next to other hikers, you'll find a shepherd leaning on his cane on every other hill.
Alpine meadows, proud mountains and the vastness of the valleys, stretch for as far as the eye can see, dotted by wooden huts and shelters, sheep, cows, and horses. This is a great starting point for hikes to the mountain lake at Gura Raului and further up into the mountains. Or just simply lie down on a hillside, chew on a blade of grass and let your thoughts drift...

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Log cabin holidays Romania

Carpathian lodge Transylvania

  • Mountain log cabin rental sleeps 4
  • Basement, barn, spring, outhouse
  • Wood stove, gas cooker, fire pit, kerosene lamps
  • kitchen equipment
  • Large platform bed, blankets, pillows
  • Available from April 1 to October 22
  • Minimum stay: 5 nights
  • Transport by horse-drawn cart or SUV: € 48 each way
  • Transfer from Sibiu airport or train station included
We answer to every inquiry within 24 hours
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