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Try our Transylvania holiday homes Sibiu. We offer self catering holiday rentals in Romania, villas and traditional Carpathian Mountain cottages.

Self catering Romania rentals   for your Carpathian holidays

Book one of our Carpathian homes, hire a Sibiu holiday home Transylvania or rent self catering holiday cottages Romania

Our holiday rentals are located in the pastoral village of Vale in southern Transylvania, directly at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. On the one hand far away from the latest trends of time, on the other hand just around the corner from Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in the heart of Romania.

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family friendly holiday homes in Romania by owner


We offer exceptional accommodations for different tastes and up to 36 people. You can choose between two rustic villas, carefully refurbished farmhouses, homely apartments, and for admirers of unspoiled places we recommend our mountain cottage on the edge of civilization.
A good choice for whoever enjoys unspoiled nature and wants to add a pinch of Transylvanian serenity to their life experience.

Self catering holiday apartments to rent at the Romania Carpathian Mountains in rural Transylvania.

romania holiday apartment rental sibiu transylvania for self catering

Book rural holiday homes Sibiu directly by owner at the Carpathian foothills

Each holiday home is equipped with a kitchen fully suited for self catering and offers faster Internet than in some big cities. Pick-up from the train station or Sibiu airport is included. Moreover you can order a rental car, farm products from the village or a trip with our horse-drawn cart into the mountains. Traditional menus are also available prepared by the most skillful chef from this side of the Carpathians.

Book directly traditional holiday rentals in Romania at the Transylvania Carpathian Mountains.

transylvania mountain chalet rental for your carpathian holidays to romania

Romania holiday rentals Sibiu

At a glance

Rent a Romanian cottage for your family holidays in Transylvania with children and pets.

The holiday homes are located in a peaceful spot without through traffic, surrounded by the oldest beech forest of the continent and the unique flora and fauna of the Carpathian Mountains.

Book a holiday home in Transylvania for your hiking holiday in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.

Villa Crina

our jewel with 200 sqm living space, fireplace and garden

4 rooms • 4 baths • large living room • sleeps 8

We provide self catering holiday cottages in Romania to rent, best for your Romania holidays in Transylvania.

Casa Pelu

refurbished country house with a new attic and roof terrace

3 rooms • eat-in kitchen • 1 bath • sleeps 6

Try this Transylvania self catering accommodation Sibiu. You get a cosy Romania country house rental for Carpathian hiking holidays.

Casa Nicu

120-year-old farmhouse cottage with the appropriate historic flair

>1 room • eat-in kitchen • 1 bath • sleeps 2-3

Hire our Carpathian holiday cottages Transylvania. We offer villas, farmhouses and other Romania holiday rentals Sibiu.

Casa Zollo

150 sqm holiday chalet on a hillside with panoramic views

3 rooms • 1 living room • 2 baths • sleeps 6-8

Book a cosy holiday chalet in Transylvania, holiday apartments Sibiu or one of our other Carpathian rentals in Romania,

Casa Zollo 2

cosy studio-apartment with a large terrace and gardens

studio • 1 bath • sleeps 2-3

We offer self catering Romania holiday apartments Transylvania. Book this Sibiu studio-apartment rental in a quaint Carpathian village.

Casa Lopo

traditional farmhouse, with courtyard, barn, and garden

3 rooms • 1 kitchen • 1 bath • sleeps 6

Our holiday apartments Sibiu are welle suited for Transylvania hoilidays in Romania. Book your farm stay Romania family holidays in our renovated Carpathian farmhouses.

Cozo Fantu

former shepherds hut in the Carpathian Mountains

1 room • 1 kitchen • sleeps 4

Try this Carpathian rental log home in Romania. We provide rural log cabins for Romania holidays to Transylvania.

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Our Carpathian cottages in Romania are well suited for families with kids an pets.

Transylvania holiday homes Sibiu by owner.

The holiday rentals

The rental homes are located near Sibiu in Transylvania at the Carpathians.

... are set in a natural and unspoiled rural environment.
Over nine years of intense work, we have given them a complete overhaul or built them from scratch. We combined local building styles and craftsmanship with contemporary materials, proceeding always with attention to detail and respect towards the traditions of the area. While preserving the simplicity of bygone times, it was a pleasure to see the cottages grow and their souls revive.
The result is an encounter of different ages and cultures in five oases of wellbeing, each of them having their distinctive and special flair in a place which – as we hope – remains untouched by the world's hustle for a long time to come.
A total of 15 rooms are endowed with double beds, fast Internet via WiFi, TV (international channels), and plants. The two villas provide a garden with BBQ and parking, and a living room with a fireplace. Each property, including the farmhouses, features at least one terrace, 1-4 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering, a washing machine, detergents, soaps and other consumables.
The interiors were selected with attention to detail and are of high quality, including kitchen utensils, mattresses and linens, as well as sanitary installations. All of the furniture, windows, doors and stairs were consistently made to measure. The central heating facilities (most of them solar-assisted) are powered by water-bearing fireplaces, tiled stoves or gas heaters. In addition, nearly all of the rooms are equipped with infrared panels.
Here you'll find the photo galleries of our holiday homes.

book holiday lodges sibiu romania

The pastoral village of Vale

Treat yourself to our Transylvanian holiday lodges near Sibiu at the Romania Carpathians.

... is nestled between wooded hills overlooking the Transylvanian plain. It's a tranquil spot to relax and hang ten, great for whoever wants to enjoy the serenity of the countryside, wander through intact forests and admire the originality of the Romanian mountains, but also a good starting point for excursions to all attractions in Transylvania.
A tarmac road touches on the village, but it is mostly cobblestone roads and dirt trails leading up into the mountains. Thus, traditional structures and straightforward hospitality still hold up in Vale. Horses, chicken and goats are still part of the village landscape, and the farmers plant corn, potatoes, and vegetables to provide for the winter.
More about Vale in the photo gallery Pictures from Transylvania.

Some people say that the Romanian countryside appears frozen in time. It is unique and mostly untouched and the breath of the past touches you in every corner. Just make yourself comfortable on the hillside above the village, take a look in the vastness of the valley, and enjoy the thoughts popping into your mind out of nowhere. Maybe you'll feel the charm of the extraordinary, perceiving what life was like before it was stricken by the waves of civilization.
Until then, take a good look around. Most people in these parts are open-minded and very friendly when met with respect, and many of them speak English, making communication easy.

holiday cottages for transylvania hiking

The Carpathian Mountains

Try one of our mountain cottages in Sibiu for your Transylvania walking holidays.

The ascent to the Cindrel mountain range can be started in any of the neighbouring villages. After a few steps you already find yourself in the oldest beech forest of the continent, and hiking towards the mountain pastures you will experience a unique flora and fauna. You will also encounter original places. Walking alongside a wild stream, you pass a secluded monastery in the midst of the forest, or you take another trail to arrive at the Sunny Glade with its dozens of hand-carved wooden sculptures scattered in the mountain pastures. Here, the view of the mountain scenery and the expanse of the valleys further below soothes all the worries of this world.
Here is an illustrated tour to the Cindrel Carpathians in our area.

Sibiu holidays in Transylvania

The old town of Sibiu

Book a special Romania rental home near Sibiu for your Transylvania holidays and Carpathian hiking.

If you want to explore Transylvania, become acquainted with its people, or delve into the country's history in front of an old stonework, you are in the right spot here. Heists and highway robberies are tales from the long-gone years of turmoil following the political change in Romania, and Count Dracula obviously exists only in movies.
The city of Sibiu, founded by German-Flemish settlers in 1150, lies just around the corner of Vale, and it is a source of cultural diversity up to nowadays. The medieval fortifications embrace the old town with its historic alleys and cafés and bars, some of them set in vaulted cellars or courtyards. During the summer, the town reaches out to its visitors and regularly organizes events, ranging from cabaret and theatre through open-air concerts to exhibitions of local crafts guilds. Take a look at our Sibiu photo gallery.
The countryside is spotted with ancient fortified churches, Dacian ruins, castles and abandoned Roman mines. Every small town boasts an open market where you can buy garden vegetables, forest honey, sheep's cheese and, at times, medicinal herbs. Of course a tomato from the farmer's wife doesn't just look different from a supermarket tomato, it also tastes different.
Get more tips for attractions and tours in Transylvania.

romania holiday rental and transylvania homes

The Transalpina road

Try our Transylvania homes and holiday rentals in Romania at the foot of the Transalpina road.

The Transalpina is the highest road across the Carpathians, taking you into one of the few untouched mountain regions in Europe. It starts only a few villages away from Vale. Constructed by the Romans in their campaign against the Dacians, it was rebuilt during World War II, then forgotten, and today winds through one of the few untouched mountain regions in Europe.
On the other side of the mountain range, you dip into the southern climate zone of Walachia, from where you make your way back through the Olt valley. It's the only north-south route through the Carpathians, passing ancient monasteries and some steep cliffs. Whoever doesn’t stop here must be in a real hurry.
Here you'll find photos of the Transalpina in Romania.

self catering romanian rentals by owner

Be sure to find peace and relaxation here

Book directly a self catering Romania rental by owner at the Carpathian foothills near Sibiu.

Cackling chickens and neighing horses strain the mind less than howling engines. The sight of wooded mountains and free-flowing wild brooks is more pleasing to the eye than concreted soil on which skyscrapers grow.
Thus, your perception of peace and tranquility will soon change, and you'll serenely tolerate the occasional rattle of a chainsaw or the barking of the dogs because it belongs to this place.
Leaving behind some advantages and disadvantages of civilization, hang ten and let your thoughts wander. Your temporary home provides a comfortable ambience in fresh mountain air, and you'll sleep cosily as a bear in his den.

family friendly holiday apartments sibiu

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try our holiday apartments near Sibiu and our family friendly Transylvania homes by owner.

We live in Vale and have joined together in a family-type construction company, which has built all of the holiday cottages. After eight years of work - with many possibilities for creative design - we cast the trowels and the hammers aside for a while and took a deep breath. Today, we care for you as a team. In case of problems or questions you can always get in touch with us. Furthermore, we might have one or two tips at hand for you, but we also master the art of the discreet retreat.
From the income generated by the houses (your money), first the investor is served. On the other hand, administration and care-taking yield a secure income for several families. Whenever we cook for you, or any time you order local products or go shopping in the local grocery, a number of other villagers have a benefit. Finally, we are preparing a soup kitchen for the less well-off families in the village which will also be financed from the proceeds of our holiday homes.
With us you can book your Transylvania holidays directly online, kids and pets are welcome. Many of our guests spend their annual family holiday here and they always leave satisfied. See for yourself and check out our guestbook.

We maintain a climate of
honesty, tolerance and equality.

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