Transalpina road trip • Romania • Transfagarasan photos

Two mountain roads through the infinity of unspoiled nature

Both equally great for trips and motorcycle tours into the Carpathian Mountains

Looking for a place to stay?
We provide 6 self catering vacation rentals at the Transalpina foothills in rural Transylvania.

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Pictures of the highest route across the Carpathian Mountains

Our holiday homes are located in the shepherd's village of Vale right at the foot of the Transalpina. Within a day-trip you can experience it.

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A view from a distance ...

each image shows only a cut-out. the full view will not fail to impress you.

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... and off we go.

the Transalpina was built for the Roman war against the Dacians by slaves & mercenaries in the 4th century

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The Transalpina passes through some villages.

it was neglected for a long time and called 'the devil's road' by the locals

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Formerly ...

renewed between the world wars,

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... this mountain village was hard to reach ...

the Transalpina was inaugurated in 1938 as 'The King's Road'

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... which is why some traditions have survived to this day.

it was extended once again by the German Wehrmacht for military purposes

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Sheep brought prosperity, while sometimes hindering progress.

forgotten again – then tarmacked and re-opened to traffic 2014

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The highway leaves human settlements behind ...

from our holiday rentals in Vale you head directly into the mountains

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... runs through the woods ...

romania road trip to the transylvania highway

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... and winds through untouched nature.

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You climb colourful hights ...

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... up to the mountain peaks ...

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... and back into other infinite spaces.

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Once upon a time, a family lived here with their animals.

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Here, two guys in a hurry ...

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... while others can’t be rushed.

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A fellow long-extinct elsewhere ...

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... and another one usually found in the zoo.

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Lunar landscapes appear ...

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... and sometimes hide behind clouds.

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Soon the grass cover re-appears ...

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... and the Transalpina descends ...

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... to the woods.

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Whoever feels like taking a dip, setting up the tent and lighting a fire ...

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... can go right ahead!

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For a round trip including the transalpina, head west from Vale and follow the blue marking counter-clockwise.
You can choose between a longer and a shorter route:
The longer one will take you through the most scenic part of the Transalpina, which lies south of Ranca.
If you prefer the shorter one (4 hrs), cut eastward at Obarsia Lotrului, and turn north through the Olt valley to Sibiu.
This tour is likewise highly recommendable.


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Pictures Transfagarasan road Romania

The most famous road across the Carpathians - with a church and a hostel of ice on its top.

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The window was open ...

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For a round trip including the Transfagarasan, you head eastwards from our vacation rentals in Vale.
Expect an impressive trip across the Carpathians and on your return leg through the Olt valley towards Sibiu.

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